Throwback Thursday: Dolvett Quince’s Quick Workout Wisdom

Dolvett Quince

I interviewed Dolvett Quince last year for JET, and we talked mostly about the Biggest Loser, which was prepping to air its season finale at the time. This is a quick left over that didn’t make the interview where he shared his favorite fat-burning workouts, and answered the popular quandary about whether we should eat before or after working out.

On Fat Burning Workouts
I’m a huge advocate for body confusion. I feel like if I do a comination of strength training and cardio in my workouts I’m gonna maximize the benefits to my body. A lot of female clients that I’ve trained in the past are geared tward cardio and wanna train this way. The guys that I’ve trained in the past tend to want to just strength train. The benefits of both sides is to do a combination of both.
On Eating Before or After Working Out
It depends on the person. It might be trial and error but listen to your body.

And boom goes the dynamite!

I prefer to eat after a workout but sometimes my body needs it beforehand so it varies. How about you?

Before you go…

Scroll back up and ogle admire his physique to ensure your good day.

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