Brown Girls Burlesque Needs Your Help to Keep the Shimmies Going

Brown Girls Burlesque Sacred Brooklyn

Brown Girls Burlesque Sacred Brooklyn

First, let me say that I love this group of bad ass brown girls not giving any damns about what people think. The core of their performances and the classes they teach is to break stereotypes, educate and explore society’s ideas of race, gender and body politics. They even say it themselves that their mission is to entertain, titillate, educate an liberate!

I have seen them perform and they are quite entertaining, fascinating and unlike most burlesque groups out there for obvious reasons. All of that being said, BGB has a Kickstarter campaign going in an effort to raise money for their cause and they are 81% funded and seven days away from reaching their goal.

If you are interested in burlesque, more specifically supporting Brown Girls Burlesque, please donate anything that you can by following this link.

If you’re still skeptical, then watch what they’re working with:

In related news, Brown Girls Burlesque teaches “Bed-Stuy Burlesque” classes at Sacred Brooklyn. They have an extra special workshop series entitled, “Tassels & Assels”–yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like– coming up just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Thursday February 6th
Cost – $25, plus $5 supply fee.

Go to Sacred Brooklyn   to get down. I’ve been meaning to take a burlesque class for the longest time now. I think it’s time to make that happen, for real, for real.

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