Beyonce Teams up With Topshop to Release Athletic Gear

Beyonce Visual Album

Beyonce Visual Album

Beyonce teamed up with Topshop to release an athletic streetwear brand, and if the items look anything like I imagine I am excited. The brand is in the works but nothing has actually been created yet, and there aren’t many more details that what I just mentioned but check out Topshop’s CEO Sir Philip Green explaining why he chose King Bey.

I hope we see lots of sequins, because I sure would go to the gym, yoga and especially pole class (the latter is a given, though) in sequin shorts, a sweatshirt, sneakers, pants, whatever! Other imagery in my mind about what this collaboration could look like takes me back to Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” video, which was inspired by African dance and style.

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Starrene Rhett Rocque is a former member of Dumbledore's Army who now enjoys gallivanting at pole, yoga and dance studios. She also occasionally fantasizes about becoming a shotgun-toting b-movie heroine.