Butt Loads of Pain – Vice Explores Illegal Butt Injections

Butt Loads of Pain Vice

Back when I worked for VIBE magazine, I interviewed a woman who got illegal butt injections and was fascinated upon discovering that she knew the potential liabilities involved but didn’t care because she wanted what she felt was a better body, for cheap. This woman was extremely lucky because at the time we spoke, she was a few years removed from her surgery but we were just a few weeks after a major sting that landed to person who injected her with calk (possibly), in jail for murder. A few women that this person inject had died.

The woman I spoke with, who chose to remain anonymous, explained that she went to a backroom operation in a salon to get her injections and she wasn’t exactly sure what was inside her, she only had an idea. Prior to her “surgery” she said she had a nice body and had worked as an urban model but felt her natural booty just wasn’t enough. Her desire for a bigger rump was so strong that she was willing to get it done illegally because it was cheap. Illegal butt injects cost hundreds versus a few thousand and so there went that.  This was a grown woman. At the time we spoke, she was 29.

I was reminded of the aforementioned story by Vice magazine. They created a documentary surrounding the disturbing practice of plumping butts.  The embed code wouldn’t show up here but follow this link to watch the full thing.

I’m sharing it because I can’t spread the message enough that it’s important to make peace with how you look. There are absolutely things I’d modify about my body if I could (I want a breast reduction), but I’d rather do it in a way that is safe. It’s not worth looking good if you’re going to be 6ft under.