Good Gluten Free French Toast and Other Special Diet Deliciousness

French Toast

Once upon a time ago I discovered that gluten sensitivity was causing many uncomfortable symptoms that initially made me believe that I had stomach cancer. Dramatic. I know; but it was that bad. I wrote all about that gluten intolerance drama for Ebony so read that saga when you get the chance but not before you hear me out here.

Many people, when they hear the phrase “gluten free,” self included, get disappointed as all the things they won’t be able to eat anymore starts flashing before their eyes. I have had some slip ups since making that discovery earlier this year because sometimes many times gluten free food tastes gluten free, which isn’t good. You get bread and pastries that crumbles to the touch, rendering them useless, there may be too much sodium used, too much butter, etc–all of which are obviously frustrating.

What I’ve discovered in my gluten free life is that everything you eat in that vein is trial and error. Some things will be really good substitutes, and others not so much. For a long time, I thought I’d have to give up bread because I hadn’t found a brand that I liked until a representative from Glutino contacted me about trying their products with no strings attached. That was one brand I hadn’t tried at the time so I decided to go for it.

I was sent pretzels, pancake mix, various types of crackers, cookies various types of bread and pancake mix. My favorites from that lot were the bread, the cookies and the crackers (cheddar and original premium rounds) but the bread was the real star of the show! I sampled their seeded bread, cinnamon raisin bread, white bread and multigrain bread. I liked each type but the seeded bread was my favorite. It’s enhanced with poppy, flax and sunflower seeds for more fiber and nutritional goodness, and it makes for a killer French toast, see the photo above.


I already make good French (not to brag but facts are facts lol) but going back to that crumbly bread problem that seems to plague gluten free products, it started to seem like something I’d have to give up cooking because, you know, you have to dip it in that milky/egg mix, but the Glutino bread that I sampled withstood the pressure and I rejoiced. Again, it also tastes really good. There’s something about eating a slice of bread that just makes you feel whole.

Like I said, the seeded bread is my favorite but it’s really just a matter of preference so I encourage you to try the brand.

Here’s a random sandwich made with the white bread, also yummy.



And then there were pancakes…

I had discovered another brand of gluten free pancakes that I actually enjoy even more than the standard pancakes that I used to eat, so I thought that I had found the end all be all with them and was skeptical about trying Glutino’s mix but I did it and again, I am pleased. They make it really simple. Everything you need is in the container so you just add water, shake and cook.


The verdict is that they turned out to be yummy and fluffy goodness. You can adjust the amount of liquid you add to suit your needs depending on your desired level of thickness. I like my pancakes somewhere in between thick and thin so that the edges come out crispy.

Glutino Pancake Mix

In related news, I got fancy with a couple of the pancakes by  adding a scoop of powdered chocolate protein for an extra boost.


The downside to the pancake mix is that it doesn’t yield as much as the standard. It was fine for my husband and I and actually lasted us Saturday and Sunday, the only days of the week that we eat pancakes (once the mix is open you need to finish it within a couple of days). If you have a big family this might not be the most economical option but it’s definitely delicious. My husband, who doesn’t have to be gluten free, and won’t eat that way unless he has to, even enjoyed these products, especially the cookies, which he devoured most of while I was away on a business trip, but I digress.

Since trying and enjoying most of these samples, I have purchased items from the brand on my own including the brownie mix and breakfast bars, both of which I liked. The point is, this is a brand you may want to consider trying in your gluten free adventures.


Disclaimer: I was not compensated or even urged to write this post for Glutino.