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Carnival Makeup, OCC Lip Tar, Coastal Scents

Photo by Micaela Mamede, Makeup by Sharina Sharpe

Hi. My name is Starrene Rhett Rocque. I like fuchsia lipstick, mascara, chocolate and I’m addicted to endorphins but my attention span won’t allow me to run on the hamster wheel treadmill. I hate running, cardio (unless I’m running from zombies or it comes in quick intervals), traditional gyms make me nervous and I think counting calories is trite (but I still love you if you do it).

Following a childhood rife with dance classes and double dutch I became a sedentary adult, started working as an entertainment journalist and got burned out and depressed. I began rediscovering alternative methods of happiness through movement and proper nutrition, when my therapy bill got too high, starting with pole dancing. Pole led to H.I.I.T., then yoga (I’m not a very good yogi, but I’d like to be one day), then Pilates; there was a Capoeira phase too…and a non-traditional fitness junky was born.

I am my happiest when I am playing with makeup, hording nailpolish, traveling, basking on Caribbean beaches, eating good quality food and building muscle so that I can hold my own body weight on sexy cylinders of steel.

Enough about me.

I created this e-space for us. As I began sharing my fitness exploits online, various women in my life (online and in person) began asking questions about what I do, how I eat, why I do it, and I got requests from people who wanted to attend classes with me, which motivated me to be consistent. That’s when I realized it was important that we share our exploration of pretense-free fitness, wellness and beauty with each other via news, trial and error, interviews and testimonies from novices and experts, and by using each other as inspiration. Grunts and Glam’s mission is to encourage curious and like-minded women to connect on our imperfect journeys toward health and rediscovery of our happy, whole selves–highs and lows included.

P.S. I am not certified in anything but life and do not pretend to be an expert. That is all.

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