The Ultimate Eff a Hater Playlist


I love pole dancing but I hate the ugliness that sometimes comes with the territory in terms of bullying and mean girl/boy behavior. This ugliness is unfortunately human but that doesn’t mean we have to take crap from people.

Last week, the pole world was in a frenzy on social media due to a negative comment made by a popular woman in the community, who is, according to many reports, known as a bully. Said woman criticized another pole dancer and a popular move that she invented. Not liking something is a matter of opinion. We all have pole moves that we don’t like aesthetically but how the message is communicated is important, and when you insult people or try to put yourself on a pedestal, that’s when drama arises so, that situation got ugly.

I’m not here to rehash that story but my sister in pole wrote about it over at Polelitical. My purpose today is to bring you cheer, and music is always the remedy. Without further adieu, I present the “Eff a Hater” playlist.

What are some of your favorite sings in this vein?

Grunty Workout Playlist March 21, 2014

elaine jimmy leg

Music can make or break your workout, no matter what you’re doing, so I’m sharing a few ideal songs for a workout playlist that may strike your fancy.


Sasha Go Hard – “Out the Bottle”

This is a great playlist for ratchet. Turn up while lifting, doing intervals, running or even during a warm up.

TemiDollface – “Pata Pata”

I could see this being a rhythmic hit in cycling.

SZA – “Babylon”

This was made for a pole freestyle pole or cool down.

Alex Isley (yes, of that Isley family) – “Retro-Wilhelm”

Another hit for pole freestyle or cool down.

Of course, you can do as you’d like with these songs because we interpret art differently, but at the very least, I hope you found some new tunes that you like!