Chipotle Tofu Sofritas Coming to New York, New England

Chipotle Sofrito

Be still my beating heart.

Chipotle’s tofu sofrita’s are expanding to New York and New England, yes! According to the Huffington Post, who reached out to the company, the vegan option is coming to new territories starting March 3. It’s already available in over a dozen states and nearly 40 percent of Chipotle restaurants already have the Sofritas burrito.

It looks like this:

Chipotle Vegan Burrito

There aren’t many moments when I’m not craving Chipotle (I do control myself, though). I always go for the gluten free (I’m in a battle with gluten that I’ll discuss later) vegetarian option, which leaves me with the veggie bowl and the same ingredients in rotation, so it will be nice to have a different veggie option.

To put things into better perspective, you know how Kel feels about orange soda, right?

Kel Orange Soda

Shout out to the 90s kids for understanding that one but that’s how I feel about Chipotle.

Better late to the party then never!

And now we wait to see which NYC branches get them first.