Models Own Offers 50% Off the HyperGel Collection

Models Own  Hyper Gel

You ladies who may know my writing from know that Model’s Own in one of my favorite nail polish brands. It’s a UK-based brand that I got to experience firsthand during a visit to London last year. I encourage you to check out that link after you read this so that you understand how serious this request is.

Ok so…

Y’all know that the pound murders the dollar, so when you’re a fan of UK-based products any sale counts. Feast your eyes on this:

Models Own  Hyper GelThis is #HyperGel collection, the newest from Models Own. These polishes are said to give the appearance of UV Gel, without curing under a light, once dry. They’re not out yet but the brand hasn’t disappointed me thus far.

Models Own is planning to offer limited quantities of all 10 #HyperGel polishes for 50% off during an impending sale that will only happen if their Facebook Page reaches 250,000 likes before midnight on January 31 (individually they’re £5 each which is probably about $8).

This benefits all of us. Go forth and like!