This Beyonce Tap Dance Tribute is Everything!

Chloe Arnold Choreographer

I haven’t tap danced since college but let me tell you, when I did it, I was pretty darn good. Not tooting my horn, just stating the facts! And let me tell you, I think it worked wonders on my calf muscles. But I digress. Enough about me.

These ladies right here…


A choreographer named Chloe Arnold, who seems popular on YouTube, was inspired by Beyonce enough to gather a troupe of women whom she calls “Syncopated Ladies” to tap it out “End of Time.” This is a bad ass tribute. iLive.

There was even a little African in there and someone made wings her bitch–wings is no easy move. I’m beside myself. It’s rare that you see female tap dancers killing it on some contemporary, all up in yo face ish.

I’ve been all pole dance everything lately but this really makes me want to find a tap class and get back in the groove. Pun intended.