Recipe: Mixed Berry Banana Spinach Breakfast Smoothie

My apologies for the shady lighting.

I’ve been trying to have at least one smoothie a day ever since doctors told me to get my iron up. I’ve struggled with anemia my entire life but I know that drinking your greens can help your body their nutrients absorb faster than eating them. I incorporate this tactic by having a breakfast smoothie at least five days a week (Note: you can eat this whenever, I just prefer the morning). My go to blend is this usually either mixed berries or just strawberries, banana, spinach (and sometimes kale), honey and almond milk (and sometimes yogurt).

It’s simple.

1 cup (or a handful) of berries.

1 ripe banana.

1 cup (or a handful) of spinach (or desired dark leafy greens).

1/2 cup yogurt (I love Fage)

1 tablespoon of honey (I sometimes use dates).

Blend and enjoy.

You can also add water to taste depending on how liquidy you want your drink.

In the case that you want to use almond milk instead of the yogurt, go for about 1 cup but again, that depends on how thick or thin you want your drink.