Passion Mix: 10 Pole Dance Songs That Light The Soul on Fire

I have always been a music hoarder. Before pole dancing, I lived to find and collect a good song. Now that I am a pole dancer, finding a good song to pole dance to is an extra bonus. For me, good music goes on the top ten list of all things awesome in life, so I was excited that this month’s PDBA blog hop had to do with pole-related playlists.

Lately, my pole dancing mood has been all about fluid motion and music that sparks passion in my body. I can’t explain the latter, it’s just something that I feel.

The following 10 songs are sexy, smooth and great for sensual and fluid pole routines.

Photo by Gavin Whitner

1. The Internet – “Shadow Dance”

Not much to say about this one other than listen and get lost.

2. Erykah Badu – “I Want You”

I wish I were good at spin pole. This song would be perfect. Perhaps this is motivation to practice more on spin.

3. Led Zeppelin – “Since I Been Lovin’ You”

I have a thing for blues and this song just takes me there. Those guitar riffs…swoon.

4. Floetry – “Say Yes”

This is the quintessential passion song.

5. Des’ree – “Kissing You”

This is easily one of my favorite songs ever. If I were a good ballerina, I’d kill this on the adagio tip.

6. Gary Clark Jr. – “Please Come Home”

About my appreciation for blues…

7. Imani Uzuri – “Beautiful”

This song is kind of in the vein of Des’ree’s “Kissing You.” You can hear the passion and intensity in her voice. I love it.


8. Tinashe ft. Travi$ Scott – “Vulnerable”


9. Minnie Riperton – “Inside My Love”

This song is an absolute must for a passion inspired playlist.

10. Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000 – “Pink Matter”

I love that Frank Ocean is being cheeky about “pink matter.” Is it just me or does this song make you want to slink around on the floor?