Nunn Electrolyte Tablets For You Who Hate Water

Nunn Electrolyte Tabs


If you don’t know anything else about how to nourish your body, chances are, you at least know that water is important. However, there are a lot of people who surprisingly don’t like it. I love it! I’ve struggled with terrible eating habits my entire life but drinking a lot of water was the one good habit that I formed, despite that.

But back to you people who don’t drink it…

A relative of mine had a health scare due to a preexisting condition. ICU doctors discovered that he was also dehydrated while they were trying to bring his body back to a stable condition. That was definitely a contributing factor to why he ended up in the hospital. I was worried and found myself explaining his condition to a confidant. When I mentioned the dehydration thing, she said she hated water.


She said it didn’t taste like anything, something I hear a lot.


I still don’t get it but if you absolutely positively need some kind of flavoring for your water without sugar, try electrolyte tablets. My favorite is Nunn, pictured above in berry, orange, lemon-lime, and citrus. My favorite flavor depends on the day but berry and citrus seem to impart the most flavor. I already drink enough water, like I said, so I don’t use these often but they are a nice addition to that good ol’ H20. They come in packs of various sizes and half a tablet goes a long way. I get mine on Amazon.

Water has numerous benefits for your body. Mmkay? Start here.

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  • Cari Bee

    My girlfriend told me about these about a year ago and now I keep a pack in my purse all of the time. LOVE the flavors.

  • Kyle Langan

    I agree! Whatever is NECESSARY and I’m obsessed, though this seems like a great alternative!

  • Danielle Did What

    oh these sound really interesting, will check them out 🙂

  • Beatrice Chan

    I have tried Nunn before, we get them here in South Africa and I agree it’s a great idea for those who don’t like drinking water. Hydration is so important!

  • UrbLife

    Interesting. I used to be like that (not liking water) but in recent years I really drink it more than anything else. Good idea for a way to get flavor without sugar, etc.